Friday, September 30, 2022
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‘’You’re Poor And Needy, You Can’t Afford Strikes’’ MP Mushemeza Mocks Teachers

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MP Mushemeza speaking……….

Sheema south constituency MP Hon prof Elijah Dickens Mushemeza has attacked teachers to stop their tendency of disturbing government and president over increase of their salaries saying that they are poor and needy therefore they should wait until government answers them.

While addressing masses yesterday at Kitagata town council headquarters, Prof Mushemeza said that most teachers have failed to know themselves that they are poor and needy

‘’You teachers, its true president Museveni promised to increase your salaries but we are still in economic crisis, I want to assure you in a broad day light that you can’t afford strikes, first of all you’re poor and needy, you can’t strike and you spend even three days at home not working , where will you get what to eat?, it’s very hard for a poor person to make a successful strike ,even if we don’t beat you, you will go on streets and go away for yourselves’’ Mushemeza

As if it wasn’t enough, Mushemeza intimidated teachers that whoever strikes again, he or she will be chased. ‘’ these things of putting President on pressure won’t work for you, by the way let me tell you open truth, those who need teaching jobs are as many as I can say , we have so many professional teachers on streets. Just strike , we shall chase you all and employ those who need jobs’’ Mushemeza

Hon prof Elijah Dickens Mushemeza

It should be remembered that before Mushemeza joined parliament representing people of Sheema south as an independent candidate, he was a lecturer at Ankole Western University as a lecturer, however it seems he has already forgotten the worse conditions most teachers go through in their respective places of work.

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Although most successful academicians we have in this country pass through the hands of teachers, in Uganda , teachers are among the least paid civil servants although the reasons have never been identified as of yet.

On the same address, MP Mushemeza told residents of Sheema that they should get used to the current high prices of commodities saying that, this is just a beginning but that in few months all prices will increase.

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  1. Empty head just, i wonder how can a person of such thinking capacity go to pariament 😡 am in support of teacher’s decision, they should not be intimidated

  2. You see, after climbing to the top of the tree then you begin despising the ladder, is so unfortunate for you, it’s amatter of time, we shall remove the ladder and see how you will go back 😎

  3. I always respect elders, but this man has pushed me to the wall. In fact by adding another sentence will strip naked this so labelled professor. May God forgive u Mushemeza

  4. It is good that we are aware of our right. We can use the lesson to destruction. They don’t know this.let them wait.

    • hmm, Stupid Mushemeza has been losing in elections several times to Prof Kamuntu and Eng Katuramu, why dint you give up? lets also keep pushing

  5. The fact is that science Trs are very few. That is why we teach in about Five government schools. The retired science trs are sometimes employed by the school privately bse of lack of replacements. This arrogant MP is not informed. Not every one can teach Chemistry

    • Hon. Mushemeza, those are very good statements to teachers. Pliz continue to preach them to your electorates. If that’s how you resolve conflicts, you wasted time to go to school.

  6. Some of us have always been at cross roads on whether to quit teaching or not. But we decided to hung on due to the salary increment promises. Now that its clear its been a game, bye bye lesson plan and scheme of work. New teachers please photocopy your docs and come for my slot

  7. His argument shows how myopic he is.
    2026 is not far we are waiting for you in the corner to make it rough and tough for u. Continue sweating the balls.

  8. Hon. Mushemeza… You was once a lecturer at Western Ankole University, honestly you know what you used to pass through but I am really annoyed of your statement Mr. I am also a professional teacher but you are just demoralising me. As if you didn’t pass through the hands of a teacher

  9. Village excitement is disturbing mushemeza he has forgotten where he was before joining parliament

  10. There is no doubt this man can’t be a scientist. But even if he wasn’t what kind of reasoning is! Self emptying

    • You man I pray for you, I will not use any insulting statement, mbu honourable, the title works at your home

  11. Mushemrza you have really ashamed us.Thought you had reasoning capacity to see what is good for Uganda and what is bad.

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