Thursday, September 29, 2022
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International Youth Day Message

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Today 12 August, the world celebrates the International Youth Day.

And for this year, 2022 the theme is, “INTERGENERATIONAL SOLIDARITY: Creating a world for all ages.”

This day as designated by the UN is purposely meant to draw attention to all issues surrounding Youth.

But here in Uganda the day is calm and the government doesn’t have resources to commemorate and reflect on the issues of the 7.3 million people (15-24) ages who are on a verge of turning into anything between being useful for country and selves and also becoming a disadvantage in all aspect to this government.

And so, it brings the theme to a need. “Are the young people an issue to reflect on in this Country?”

But anyway, what should an intergenerational solidarity look like? I can define it as the degree of closeness and support between different age groups – how people relate to help and depend on one another in their daily lives.

And at the context of a family; How are different ages in our families relating, helping and living with each other?

If I can for instance remind us on this, in March last year The Daily Monitor released statistics that “200 fathers defile daughters”… I mean, 200 fathers defile their own daughters and this is the kind of intergenerational immorality instead of solidarity we are up to.

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During COVID 19 pandemic lockdown the Education Officer Mr. Ayo Nelson claimed that over 90,000 girls had got pregnant because they were not at school and as they were at home where we think that being around their parents there is a certain trusted kind of upbringing and protection better and different than anywhere children would be without their parents.

And still at the family level where everything of the society begins and looking at intergenerational solidarity, are the elders in the family willing to groom and let children as partial decision makers when and where necessary?

In a family as most of them will be extended here in Uganda, is there respect from children for their elders? How are children being treated by their elders in families? To remind you, 70 percent of boys suffer physical violence and over 8 million children in Uganda are likely vulnerable and the outcomes of this behaviour are depression, death and suicidal behaviour (a 15 year old Daphine Kimuli who commited suicide and left note listed with people she described as were her enemies).

Conclusively, as we continue to fail on creating a family for all ages may the youth not sleep on their duty to stand up and find their space within this intergenerational mismatch.

Happy International Youth Day 2022
Beinomugisha Fredrick
Local Opinionist – Bunyaruguru

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