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Emboozi ya Akiiki; Keep Volunteering

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In the first episode of “Emboozi Ya Akiiki” I wrote about the random conversations we have with strangers. The feedback from most readers was amazing; This has pushed me to write the second “Mboozi” and here we go.

A few months ago I graduated from University and as I Interacted with various people, they couldn’t stop advising me to offer my self as a volunteer in organizations.

The story of volunteering is a very big one with advantages and disadvantages but since “EmbooziYaAkiiki” is for positive vibes; we are talking the advantages.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, I got an opportunity to volunteer with APT Communications, a private communications and marketing firm in Kampala Uganda.

I got to APT through a tweet by Joy Akatukunda.(I still remember that). In the tweet, Joy was asking young people to take on volunteering opportunities that may come their way.

In the comments section I asked Joy how can one get to grab those opportunities and that’s how an angel at APT spotted me.

Long story short, I was invited for an interaction with the company director and while at the office, the director was so good to me that the time I interacted with her still takes it as my best moment in life.

A stranger, welcomed me, smiled, inspired and trusted me on the very first day. This is RARE!

She said “Steve you are a stranger to me and I am a stranger to you, all I ask is we trust each other.” I couldn’t believe my ears.

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My mind was corrupted with questions like, what can you add to our company, how did you know about us and the related stuff. Dear reader, I was told that the volunteering role was an opportunity for me to learn and I wasn’t asked those “irritating” questions.

I smiled and took on the role. APT became part of me and I still volunteer with them.

When you take on such roles, there is a lot to learn.
You change the environment you live in and get to know, interact/brainstorm with people who are more educated/brilliant than you and also those way older than you.

During my time at APT, I attended a one week Public/Media Relations training workshop with Regional Police spokespersons from Uganda. This gave a twist to my career path as I left the training boasting as a PR professional. We learnt alot and if you ever admire the way I do my work, APT shaped me.

Much as we want to make money the question, How do we make this money shouldn’t be ignored.

Making money is not easy if you don’t have people who bring you close to business opportunities or those who bring Business opportunities to you.

And how do you get to those people?

While in our final year at campus in Jan 2022, together with my buddy Asasiira Hillary we started Ajax communications. The dream was to create a platform for us to practice what were studying and also earn some upkeep.

Hillary was good at negotiating for better deals and pay as I was a pro in executing the work. We are still good at that.

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Together we volunteered on a number of On-campus events and through that we began to get gigs from friends who were recommending.

We partnered with the University law society, the Human rights association, the Guild government and the NRM chapter.

We put ourselves on pressure, set targets, achieved them and delivered our services on time.

Through volunteering, we took on assignments we had no idea about. And then did research, watched tutorials, learnt and produced the desired work. That’s how we got to learn more that we were not taught in class.

Additionally, Ajax Communications has partnered with Akiiki Holidays for PR and Media relations. All the branding, advertising and digital works for Akiiki Holidays are handled by Ajax.

Currently, Ajax Communications handles 8(eight) social media accounts for brands and we look forward to hitting the 20(twenty) mark before this year ends.

A few years ago, Bobi Wine made a statement that If the Parliament can not come to the Ghetto, then the Ghetto will go to the Parliament.
In the same way, if opportunities can not come your way, go for those opportunities.

Keep volunteering until you are recognized, master the art and real paying opportunities will come your way.
Have a Lovely Weekend.


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