Undercover Exposé Unravels Corruption Nexus: Old Kampala SSS Caught in Political Crossfire with KCCA and Ministry of Education

The Hidden Secrets of Old Kampala SSS Politics Vs KCCA and the Ministry of Education

Old Kampala SSS Main Gate. | FILE PHOTO
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A web of political interference and bribery has infiltrated the process of appointing headteachers in Kampala, with corruption extending to the inflation of student numbers for increased grants from the government’s Universal Secondary Education (USE) program. Notably, Mr. Kyaka Alfred, the deputy commissioner overseeing UJSE, colluded with his “agent,” Zoria Karim of Kinyogoga Seed School, to falsely boost the school’s enrollment from 200 to over a hundred, resulting in an inflated capital grant of over shs 31,000,000/= per release.

This dubious practice is widespread in schools where Mr. Kyaka has vested interests.

Mr. Kyaka Alfred, alongside agents like Zoria, actively solicits money from headteachers, offering assistance in transferring to preferred schools. Additionally, they are implicated in orchestrating violence within schools to generate vacancies that they subsequently fill for a fee.

As an illustration, their current attempt to transfer Mr. Birungi Godfrey from Mbarara SSS to Old Kampala SSS raises concerns, given Mr. Birungi’s prior struggles in Mbarara SSS. Allegedly, Mr. Birungi has already paid shs 25 million to the Deputy Commissioner, with the balance promised upon his arrival at the school.

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This serves as a cautionary tale for other headteachers to steer clear of such traps.

Unraveling the Confusion at Old Kampala SSS

The turmoil at Old Kampala SSS stems from a collaboration between the former Board of Governors (BOG), Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), and officials from the KCCA education department. The current headteacher faces criticism for operating without an approved budget, while the budget itself remains under the control of Mr. Prosper Lwamasaka. Allegedly, Mr. Lwamasaka consistently finds excuses or minor issues to bounce the budget back to the school’s BOG, leading to a prolonged three-month process of rectifying any anomalies.

Fortunately, the problematic BOG and PTA executive have both concluded their terms.

Despite several changes in leadership, the new PTA and school community were making efforts to stabilize the school, but emerging issues have cast a shadow. It is imperative to address figures like Mr. Kyaka Alfred and his syndicate, along with Mr. Lwamasaka Prosper, who reportedly caused significant disruption at Kansanga Seed School.

These individuals are accused of collaborating closely with land grabbers who sought to seize the Old Kampala SSS sports grounds for a meager shs.200,000,000/=, to the detriment of the school and the community.

Parents Take a Stand

Concerned parents have brought these issues to the attention of the First Lady, the Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Kainembabazi Museveni.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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