Arua City Chamber of Commerce to Hold New Leadership Elections

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PHOTO - Watch Dog - Arua Officials Nabbed for 99M Shillings Loss
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The Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI) is making a second attempt to conduct elections for the leadership of its Arua City branch after the initial try on October 8 faced challenges. The first attempt failed due to the emergence of two groups with unharmonized voter registers, as explained by Arua City commercial officer, Jobel Ayiko, in an interview with Arua One FM on Sunday.

In response to the issues, Arua Deputy Resident City Commissioner, Ham Ezama, halted the electoral process and sought intervention from the National Chamber of Commerce secretariat to address the matter. UNCCI president Olive Kigongo provided guidance and a harmonized voter register, with 220 paid-up members set to cast their votes at Heritage Court Hotel on Monday.

Security measures have been put in place, with the police briefed to ensure a peaceful and orderly election process. Two candidates, Ronald Debo, director of Rhema Group of Companies, and Ceasor Draecabo, president of Arua City Development Forum, have expressed their interest in the chairperson position.

Ronald Debo has committed to fostering a vibrant chamber in Arua City by promoting organized businesses and encouraging legal business practices to combat poverty. The outgoing chairman, Jackson Atima Lee Buti, encourages the electorate to fulfill their duty by selecting leaders who will contribute to a dynamic chamber for the benefit of business in Arua City.

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