Bell Lager’s Cultural Celebration and Music in Mbarara

Bell Lager's Cultural Celebration and Music in Mbarara
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Bell Lager Hosts Mini-Obafest Experience in Mbarara

In honor of beer this October, Bell Lager organized a smaller version of the Bell Obafest experience at the Luxor Bar in Mbarara. This event was held for consumers in preparation for the main Bell Obafest event scheduled for October 22nd at Jahazi Pier Munyonyo.

The event aimed to immerse attendees in a cultural celebration of life through dance, music, and East African cuisine, all in honor of Bell Lager, a popular golden beer.

During the event, the Karo Karungi dance troupe delivered an engaging cultural dance performance, followed by performances from artists Ray-G and Omega 256, who entertained the crowd with their music.

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Grace Amme, the Bell Lager Brand Manager, expressed, “As we prepare for the East African Bell Obafest experience later this month, we are bringing the beer experience closer to our consumers in various parts of the country, offering meaningful and relatable beer experiences.”

To reach more consumers, the regional Bell Obafest experience will extend to Gulu this coming weekend.

The Bell Obafest serves as a platform that highlights modern Ugandan and East African expressions through various pillars, including art, fashion, and culture, while celebrating beer.

Event Highlights:

Event Location Luxor Bar, Mbarara
Date Last weekend
Main Obafest Date October 22nd, Jahazi Pier Munyonyo
Performers Karo Karungi dance troupe, Ray-G, Omega 256
Upcoming Event Location Gulu


Bell Obafest:

  • Celebrates modern Ugandan and East African expressions.
  • Showcases art, fashion, and culture.
  • Highlights the appreciation of beer in various relatable ways.

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