Busia: MPs Rally to Construct Markets

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PHOTO -- Busia Border
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Busia Leaders Unite for Market Development: A Drive to Enhance Trade Opportunities

In an effort to boost trade within Busia district, members of parliament from Eastern Uganda, spearheaded by Denis Nyangweso, the local Member of Parliament, have initiated a fundraising campaign aimed at constructing four markets in Samia Bugwe Central Constituency. The targeted markets, including Butote, Butacho, Bunyadeti, and Bukobe, are crucial for creating improved working conditions, especially for women who utilize them.

Nyangweso emphasizes that the project aims to provide essential infrastructure to address the deplorable working conditions that hinder mothers from operating beyond 8 pm due to poorly lit makeshift markets. The construction of these markets is envisioned to enhance the overall trade environment and contribute positively to the lives of the residents.

During a fundraising event held at the Masafu town council playground, Members of Parliament raised approximately sh50 million. Prime Minister Robina Nabbanja and Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa, who couldn’t attend, sent in their support, contributing sh10 million and sh2 million, respectively. The announcement of Nabbanja’s contribution was made by Jacob Oboth Oboth, the Defense state minister in charge of veterans.

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Nyangweso expressed gratitude for the contributions and highlighted that the funds would be allocated to kickstart the construction of the targeted markets. He believes that the initiative will not only improve the working conditions for local traders but also boost the economic status of households within the constituency.

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