Cross-Border Cooperation: Uganda and Kenya Aim to Ease Truck Delays

Floating Island Hinders Busia Water Project Progress
PHOTO - Busia Municipal Council Portal
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Uganda and Kenya government leaders have instructed customs, police, and other authorities to ensure that trucks aren’t unnecessarily delayed at their borders. The decision came after a meeting to discuss infrastructure development and East African Community integration at Busia One Stop Border Post on November 9, 2023.

During the meeting, attended by Rebecca Kadaga, Uganda’s First Deputy Prime Minister, and Peninah Malonza, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for EAC, a communique was issued urging an end to truck snarl-ups at the border, which hinders regional business.

The leaders emphasized the importance of good cross-border relations, announcing plans to decongest Busia One Stop Border Post and establish exit points at Mulwanda and Buteba. They also directed border control agencies to support the Simplified Trade Regime for small traders and called for international partnerships to boost infrastructure.

Addressing challenges in fish exports from Kenya to the DRC through Uganda, the ministers stressed the need for proper checks and inspections at Busia One Stop Border Post. They also called on Lake Victoria’s fisherfolk to comply with regulations and urged the harmonization of fisheries and aquaculture.

The ministers highlighted the necessity of addressing non-tariff barriers, committing to joint sensitization efforts and biannual bilateral ministerial meetings at one-stop border posts. Kadaga noted an 84% reduction in crossing times at these posts and mentioned ongoing reviews of the Common External Tariff and the EAC Competition Act.

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She also shared positive developments such as the operational One-Area Network in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya, reducing telephone call costs and facilitating regional trade. Kadaga highlighted the EAC Common Market Protocol, guaranteeing free movement of persons and abolishing student visas for foreign students in partner states.

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