Current Exchange Rates for Uganda Shillings – November 13, 2023

Exchange Rates as of 13th November 2023 for Uganda Shillings
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Country Exchange Rate (UGX)
Tanzania 1.51
Kenya 24.84
Euro 4025.99
United Kingdom 4606.24
South Africa 201.26
United Arab Emirates 1025.93
South Sudan 3.58
Rwanda 3.04
DR Congo 1.51
Nigeria 4.7
China 516.8
United States 3767.73


The latest update on November 13, 2023 above shows the exchange rates for Uganda Shillings (UGX) against various international currencies are outlined in the table above. These rates play a crucial role in international trade and financial transactions. Noteworthy mentions include the relatively low exchange rate with DR Congo and Tanzania compared to the higher rates with the United Kingdom and the United States.

For business entities engaged in cross-border transactions or individuals planning foreign travel, staying informed about the current exchange rates is essential. The data presented here serves as a guide for understanding the value of Uganda Shillings in the global economic landscape.

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