Government Initiates Digital Platform for Overseas Trade Operations

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The Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development (PACEID) announced plans to establish a national digital platform to effectively manage Uganda’s trade activities on the international stage. Matthew Bagonza, the head of operations at PACEID, revealed this during a stakeholders’ orientation workshop in Kampala.

The digital platform, known as TradeXchange, is currently in development by Technology Associates. Bagonza outlined the plan, methodology, and tools that will be utilized during the needs assessment and requirements gathering phase. PACEID, commissioned by President Yoweri Museveni in March 2022, aims to increase Uganda’s current export earnings by an additional $6 billion by 2028.

Chairman of PACEID and senior presidential advisor on special duties, Odrek Rwabwogo, emphasized the pivotal role of digitization in fostering the growth of Uganda’s exports. He highlighted its potential to drive innovation and enhance value addition, crucial factors for the expansion of the country’s export industry.

Strategically partnering with Technology Associates and CargoX, PACEID envisions TradeXchange as a digital export transformation platform. The platform aims to support exporters, address trade bottlenecks, and facilitate compliance with global trade standards. Rwabwogo anticipates that TradeXchange will streamline processes and improve information flow among farmers, producers, traders, and Ugandan government bodies.

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PACEID’s ambitious goals include doubling Uganda’s export earnings by 2028, focusing on key products such as coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables, beef, dairy, vanilla, grains, sugar, fish, banana flour, flowers, tourism, cement, and steel. Rowland Bon Nkahebwa, PACEID’s communications officer, highlighted the committee’s proactive approach in identifying off-takers for these priority exports through various trade, investment, and tourism summits hosted globally.

PACEID has organized numerous trade missions in countries such as DR Congo, South Sudan, UK, US, and South Africa. Trade representatives (TRs), appointed by PACEID, play a vital role in promoting Uganda’s products and services in these markets. Nkahebwa emphasized that TRs are chosen for their dedication, passion, and belief in the vision outlined by Chairman Rwabwogo for Uganda’s exports and economy.

At these summits, exporters and trade experts participate in panel discussions, exhibitions, and business-to-business sessions. TRs provide technical expertise to help Uganda penetrate new regional and international export markets, fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors and attracting potential investors to Uganda.

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