Insurance Mogul Gordon Wavamunno Celebrated for Decades of Excellence

Gordon Wavamunno The Man Who Grew Insurance One Policy at a Time
PHOTO - Pulse Live - Gordon Wavamunno: The Man Who Grew Insurance, One Policy at a Time
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In a twist of events that defies the conventional waiting-for-obituaries tradition, UAP Old Mutual recently threw a bash to celebrate their longtime board honcho, Gordon Wavamunno. Yes, the man who managed to escape the “wait, they’re gone” recognition strategy.

Gordon Wavamunno was granted an honor not usually bestowed until after someone has had the unfortunate run-in with the Grim Reaper. The Ugandan tycoon was hailed for his insurance industry acumen and knack for expanding both business empires and national insurance frontiers. The celebration unfolded with all the glitz and glam at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

Back in the days of bell-bottoms and disco balls, precisely in 1973, Wavamunno laid the cornerstone for UAP. This venture eventually morphed into the longer-named UAP Old Mutual. You do the math – that’s over four decades of holding the reins and being the big cheese in the ownership pie.

UAP Old Mutual, the insurance juggernaut in Uganda, isn’t just about covering life’s unexpected mishaps. It’s a one-stop-shop of financial services, dishing out everything from medical security blankets to asset management spreadsheets.

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The crowd erupted in appreciative nods as Stephen Chikovore, UAP Old Mutual’s helmsman, showered accolades on Wavamunno. Chikovore gave Wavamunno the virtual high-five for steering the ship through the insurance industry’s stormy seas.

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“Listen up, folks! Wavamunno here has been the glue holding UAP Old Mutual together. His dedication to this gig is as steady as a grandma’s knitting needles,” quipped Chikovore.

Wavamunno’s predecessor, Mathias Katamba, chimed in, singing praises for the man who had been steadfastly steering the ship since the days when disco was king. The fact that he’s been pulling the strings as both a shareholder and board honcho for more than forty years deserves more than just a golf clap.

Katamba let everyone in on a little secret: Wavamunno wasn’t just a spectator. He was the whale in the room, gobbling up a whopping 92% of the stakes in United Assurance, which later got a fancy rebranding to UAP Old Mutual.

As if this weren’t enough, Wavamunno played the cupid matchmaker between UAP and Old Mutual Group. Yes, it’s like he brought two insurance giants together on a very lucrative blind date.

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Oh, and he didn’t stop at virtual match-making. Wavamunno had a hand in the Nakawa Business Park, too. You know, the place where important-looking people nod at spreadsheets and sip way too much coffee.

But wait, there’s more! Wavamunno isn’t just a business magnate; he’s got a soft spot too. Apparently, his charitable endeavors have earned him so much international attention that even the Queen of England took note and knighted him with her invisible sword.

Enter Prof. Samuel Sejjaaka, stage right. He had the unenviable task of delivering a keynote on behalf of someone else (Dr. William Kaleme, in case you were wondering). He gushed about Wavamunno’s journey, framing it as a real-life storybook of striving for greatness.

In the spotlight himself, Wavamunno donned his grinning armor. He shared tales from his entrepreneurial escapades and dished out nuggets of wisdom, advising young’uns to bet on themselves and arm their offspring with the tools for entrepreneurial shenanigans.

And yes, he gave his family yet another shoutout, reminding them to keep the entrepreneurial dream alive. In between the family fandom and life lessons, Wavamunno also took a moment to tip his hat to UAP Old Mutual’s strides in the insurance universe.

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As the evening curtains fell, a palpable sense of respect filled the air. Wavamunno’s journey from underdog to top dog had everyone nodding in unison. Not only did the event celebrate the man of the hour, but it also spotlighted the core values of UAP Old Mutual – innovation, growth, and believing in the power of one man’s vision.


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