Kampala Bus Strike: Operators and Government Play Nice After Three Days of Transport Mayhem

Bus operators Local Government in talks
PHOTO - Courtesy - Bus Operators and Government Decided to Try 'Understanding'"
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The country witnessed a three-day bus strike that brought the nation’s transportation systems to a grinding halt. The tussle, involving bus operators and the Local Government, finally yielded a reluctant decision to initiate talks.

The bus operators’ frustration boiled over due to their vehement opposition to the Kampala Capital City Authority’s (KCCA) imposition of an exorbitant Shs2.4 million park user fee. Labeling this fee as outrageously inflated, the operators found their patience stretched thin.

The aftermath of the strike was a painful ordeal for countless travelers, stranded helplessly at bus terminals that had transformed into desolate zones. Seizing upon this chaos, taxi operators seized the opportunity to exploit the situation by arbitrarily hiking transport fares. Erias Lukwago, a prominent critic, did not mince his words as he lambasted the government for its perceived role in the privatization of transportation, having offloaded the Uganda Transport Company. Lukwago didn’t hesitate to place blame squarely on KCCA as well, accusing the authority of imposing unwarranted and excessive penalties upon matatu vehicles.

With commuters at the receiving end of this tumultuous standoff, the bus operators and the Local Government’s eventual willingness to engage in discussions reeked of reluctant compromise.

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