Kampala Police HQ Receives Generous Donation of Paint for Facility Renovation

Kampala Police HQ Receives Generous Donation of Paint for Facility Renovation
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The Police at Kampala Metropolitan Headquarters welcomed Mr. Santosh Gumte, the Managing Director of Kansai Plascon Uganda Limited, on October 13, 2023. The visit marked a gesture of goodwill, as Mr. Gumte presented a generous donation of Plascon paint to support the renovation of Central Police Station (CPS) Kampala and the adjacent barracks.

Mr. Gumte expressed his delight in partnering with the Police on social responsibility initiatives, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts to address societal issues. Deputy Commander Kampala Metropolitan Police, Commissioner of Police Nkore Paul, also spoke during the occasion. He extended gratitude to Mr. Gumte and his team for their generous donation and highlighted the positive impact it would have on the appearance and functionality of the facilities.

Commissioner Nkore Paul stated, “It is prudent to have such members of the community who actively engage in identifying and addressing societal problems. We are thankful for this partnership and look forward to a continuous collaboration in our shared mission of social transformation.”

The donated Plascon paint will improve the aesthetics of CPS Kampala and contribute to the welfare of personnel stationed in the barracks, making their living and working environments more comfortable.

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The Kampala Metropolitan Police extend their appreciation to Kansai Plascon Uganda Limited for their invaluable contribution and express their commitment to ensuring the proper utilization of the donated paint.

A summary of the information can be presented in a table as follows:

Event Date October 13, 2023
Donor Kansai Plascon Uganda Limited
Recipient Kampala Metropolitan Headquarters
Donation Purpose Facility renovation with Plascon paint
Key Remarks – Mr. Santosh Gumte emphasized collaboration for societal betterment. – Commissioner Nkore Paul expressed gratitude for the positive impact of the donation. – Paint to enhance aesthetics and improve personnel welfare.

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