Lira Welcomes Uganda Baati’s New Showroom and Training Initiative

Uganda Baati Expands into Lira with New Showroom and Worker Training
Uganda Baati Expands into Lira with New Showroom and Worker Training
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Lira – Uganda Baati has announced the relocation of its well-known showroom in Lira due to increased demand for building materials in the town.

The new showroom, now located on Aber Road beside Edola Towers, offers customers a more convenient and spacious environment to explore Uganda Baati’s wide range of roofing products. The opening ceremony on Monday was presided over by Senior Presidential Adviser Sam Engola.

Engola expressed his gratitude to Uganda Baati, a leading provider of quality building solutions, for bringing high-quality products closer to the Lango Region. He shared his personal experience of buying inferior products in the past, emphasizing the importance of offering long-lasting quality in the market.

Okello Erick, the LC5 Chairperson, emphasized the significance of having showrooms in cities other than Kampala. He stated, “This can help reduce the use of grass for roofing and make it easier for people to access cost-effective alternative building solutions without traveling to Kampala.”

George Arodi, the CEO of Uganda Baati, extended his thanks to the people of Lira for their continued support. He pledged to continue serving the community with top-notch products and highlighted the showroom’s relocation as a means to provide convenient access for the residents, eliminating the need for long journeys to access quality roofing materials.

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Arodi explained, “Customers can now explore a wide range of options, including various roof sheets and advanced building solutions for both homes and businesses. Our well-trained staff will provide personalized advice and guidance tailored to each customer’s needs, enabling them to select the most suitable roofing solutions for their projects.”

In addition to opening the new showroom, Uganda Baati conducted special training for local fundis (skilled workers) in Lira. The Fundi’s Training Program aims to impart comprehensive knowledge about Uganda Baati’s diverse portfolio of building solutions through a combination of theoretical and hands-on sessions.

Arodi further elaborated, “For every location where we operate, we aim to train local fundis because we believe they play a crucial role in providing our customers with excellent service. When customers require after-sales support, we can confidently recommend our well-trained fundis from our extensive database to ensure they receive the necessary assistance.”

With this new showroom and training initiative, Uganda Baati remains committed to delivering high-quality building solutions across all regions of Uganda while leading the way in roofing innovation.

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