MTN Uganda Aims to Boost Revenues through Oil and Gas Sector Investments

mtn uganda aims to boost revenues through oil and gas sector investments
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MTN Uganda is strategically positioning itself to capitalize on opportunities in the oil and gas sector by investing in advanced technologies to drive digital solutions and increase revenues, particularly from data services. Sylvia Mulinge, CEO of MTN Uganda, outlined the company’s efforts at the Uganda International Oil and Gas Summit, emphasizing its commitment to providing ICT solutions for various businesses.

As part of its Ambition 2025 Strategy, MTN Uganda has made substantial investments in infrastructure, focusing on real-time data transmission and continuous monitoring of essential processes in oil and gas exploration, extraction, and distribution. Mulinge highlighted the critical role of the telecom industry in supporting the technologically advanced oil and gas sector.

Key initiatives include:

  1. Mobile Broadband Towers: MTN Uganda has provided two mobile broadband tower services to oil operators, such as Total Energies, to enable critical wireless access for remote monitoring of drilling progress.
  2. Mobile Telecom Masts: Over 70 mobile telecom masts have been erected in key oil and gas areas to ensure effective connectivity and operations.
  3. Microwave Links: The company has installed 16 Microwave links supporting various oil customers at strategic locations to ensure high-speed wireless connectivity for voice, video, and data information exchange.
  4. Fiber Infrastructure: MTN Uganda has established a total of 190km of fiber infrastructure along key routes, with an additional 47km of fiber distributed in specific areas.
  5. Partnerships and Certifications: MTN Uganda has secured partnerships, including becoming a Microsoft Partner, allowing the provision of modern work solutions and other cloud suite services. Collaborations with industry leaders like Cisco and Galooli enhance the delivery of unified communication services and customized Internet of Things solutions.

Looking ahead to 2024, MTN Uganda plans to enhance connectivity further with additional telecom sites, expanded fiber infrastructure, and the activation of 5G technology around key base camps in the oil and gas sector. The company aims to complement its technological advancements with initiatives to empower local communities and contribute to sustainable development.

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In the financial year ended December 31, 2023, MTN Uganda reported a 19.3% growth in profit after tax, primarily driven by the increased use of data and fintech services, which grew by 24% and 24.9%, respectively. The company’s focus on leveraging opportunities in the oil and gas sector aligns with its broader strategy for growth and innovation.

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