New Uganda-Rwanda Border Post Opens for Easier Travel and Trade

New Uganda Rwanda Border Post Opens for Easier Travel and Trade
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  • Border Post Inaugurated to Boost Cross-Border Connections
  • Kizinga-Rwempasha Border Post Aims to Curb Illegal Crossings
  • Improved Border Infrastructure Enhances Opportunities for Ugandan and Rwandan Communities

The governments of Uganda and Rwanda have jointly inaugurated a new border post at Kizinga in Ntungamo District. This border post, known as Kizinga-Rwempasha, is situated in Ntungamo District on the Ugandan side and Nyagatare District on the Rwandan side, approximately 18 kilometers away from the Mbarara-Kabale road. This marks the fourth border post between the two countries, with the previous ones being Katuna/Gatuna in Kabale District, Kyanika/Cyanika in Kisoro, and Mirama hills/Kagitumba in Ntungamo.

During the opening ceremony, Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, emphasized that this new border post would aid in combating illegal immigration and transnational crimes. He stated, “It is our belief that facilitating the free movement of people contributes to economic growth. We plan to establish more border posts to not only enable legal and unrestricted movement between our countries but also to promote strong bilateral relations.”

Lynda Nkuranga, the Director General of Immigration and Emigration in Rwanda, cited the long distances between existing border posts as a factor contributing to illegal crossings. She expressed, “The introduction of multiple border posts will deter illegal crossings. These additional posts will make it easier and more convenient for our people to cross while reducing criminal activities along the borders.” Nkuranga also mentioned plans to educate local communities about recognized border points and the need for necessary infrastructure.

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Local leaders and representatives expressed their support for the new border post. Ntungamo District Woman MP Bata Kamateneti believed that it would significantly reduce smuggling across borders, stating, “Our people have been involved in smuggling due to the lack of access to legal border crossings.”

Rushenyi County MP Naome Kabasharira highlighted the potential for economic growth now that the border is officially recognized. She urged both governments to work on improving infrastructure, particularly roads, to facilitate smoother business operations.

Justus Bataringaya, the Ngoma Sub-county district councillor, pointed out that business opportunities had been hindered by illegal border crossings, leading to poverty in the region. He expressed his optimism about the transformative impact of the new border post on local communities.

Allen Asasira called upon authorities from both countries to establish markets at these border points, facilitating local business activities.

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