Obongi District Breaks Ground in Sunflower Cooking Oil Production

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In an exclusive interview with our reporter, authorities in Obongi express their excitement about the development in the manufacturing sector, where locally manufactured sunflower cooking oil is being produced in Obongi district. This was revealed to the media on Monday morning by the RDC Hasaka Samuel Mpimbasa, stating that Obongi district has started producing Golden cooking oil from sunflowers locally grown in Obongi.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Country Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Uganda and the Country Director of KOICA have commended leaders in Obongi for collaborating with the Comboni missionaries to start producing quality cooking oil from sunflowers and sesame seeds. The sunflower cooking oil has been branded “Palorinya Gold,” while the one from sesame seeds has been branded “Palorinya Bronze.”

MP of Obongi Constituency, Hon. Dr. Boka George Didi, Woman Member of Parliament for Obongi district, Honourable Maneno Zumura, Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka, LC3 Chairperson of Itula sub-county, Siraje Kalala, and District Vice Chairperson Drani Paul, among others, attended the event.

The Obongi MPs and the RDC, who accompanied the diplomats to St. Martin Comboni Missionaries in Palorinya Sub-County where the Gold and Bronze oils are manufactured, thanked UNDP and KOICA for continuing to fund various projects in Obongi district. They also expressed gratitude to the St. Comboni missionaries for economically empowering the residents of Obongi by purchasing sesame seeds and sunflower from them, thereby benefiting them directly.

The MPs and RDC also thanked President Museveni for visiting the St. Comboni missionaries in April this year and promising electricity for the cooking oil factory. However, the management of St. Martin Comboni complained about the high cost of producing the cooking oil due to the use of generators, as there is no electricity in Obongi district at the moment.

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Below are photos of officials touring the cooking oil factory in Palorinya Sub-County.

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