Rising Fuel Costs and School Fees Draw Attention in Parliament

Speaker raises concern on rising fuel prices school fees
PHOTO - DM - Speaker raises concern on rising fuel prices school fees
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Kampala, Uganda – Parliament has requested the Government to present its strategies for addressing the escalating fuel prices that have impacted the nation over the past week.

During the House session on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, Speaker Anita Among noted that while inflation had been controlled, there are now concerning indications due to the surge in fuel prices. She pointed out that this increase could result in a general inflation of commodities.

“Over the recent weeks, there has been a notable rise in the cost of fuel at the pump. This poses a risk of inflation caused by higher costs, which will unavoidably reduce the disposable income of the population,” she communicated.

She further urged the executive branch to promptly manage this situation and provide an update to the House regarding actions taken.

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At the start of this year, both petrol and diesel prices had risen significantly, reaching as high as Shs7000 per litre. However, the Government effectively intervened and reduced the overall inflation in the country.

With the latest upturn in pump prices, Members of Parliament (MPs) express apprehensions that inflation might once again be on the rise.

In addition to the fuel price concerns, the Speaker also expressed unease about the prolonged delay in implementing regulations to control the increase in school fees. She emphasized that this delay makes parents susceptible to unpredictable school pricing practices.

“We have previously discussed the issue of school fees in this House due to the exploitative practices of some schools. We require regulations in place to protect parents from exploitation. How can we continue to fund government-aided schools while they are the ones charging exorbitant fees?” she inquired.

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MP Sarah Opendi (NRM, Tororo) stated that the Government’s failure to standardize school fee charges permits schools to overcharge parents.

“It has been over a year since I presented a motion on school fees, and it was referred to the Education Committee. We should allow the Education Committee to conclude its deliberations on the motion, enabling us to engage in effective discussions and arrive at resolutions,” she recommended.

Speaker Among cautioned parents against being inactive in their parenting roles, emphasizing that such behavior contributes to negative tendencies among young individuals.

“To safeguard the fundamental values of families, I strongly encourage parents to actively shape the behavior and character of their children through effective parenting,” she advised.

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She further added, “Often, children spend a significant amount of time at school, where teachers assume a parenting role. Now that the children are back at home, parents should take on their responsibilities to prevent issues like drug use and homosexuality.”

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