Shell Unleashes 10 Hot New Stations in Uganda

Shell Unleashes 10 Hot New Stations in Uganda
PHOTO - Shell Uganda
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Shell Cracks a Smile: 10 New Fuel Stations Sprout Up in Uganda

Vivo Energy Uganda, the proud bearer of Shell-branded fuels and lubricants, has unleashed a parade of ten spanking new Shell fuel stations onto the scene. The grand announcement unfolded today at their Ndagire Road branch in Kampala, where business-minded smiles were as bright as their fuel pumps.

Prepare your mental GPS, for the fresh arrivals are charmingly named Shell Nngabo, Shell Buyala, Shell Zzana, Shell Nakiyanja, Shell Mayuge, Shell Kira Mulawa, Shell Mityana Highway, Shell Zana, Shell Gayaza II, and the charismatic leader of the pack, Shell Ndagire Road.

Like master strategists of the fuel universe, Vivo Energy Uganda strategically planted these stations in such accessible nooks that even a tortoise on rollerblades could glide up without breaking a sweat. They’re not just stations; they’re like that helpful friend who lives around the corner and always has a spare tyre.

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These new stations aren’t just here to quench your vehicle’s thirst. They’re multitaskers equipped with convenience stores that offer a smorgasbord of goodies. It’s as if they’re saying, “Fuel up, grab a snack, and maybe pick up a new air freshener for your car’s identity crisis – all in one go!”

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Alvin Bamutire, the Retail Manager at Vivo Energy Uganda, spilled the fuel beans: “Our stations are smoother than a freshly oiled engine. Placed in spots that your GPS will high-five you for finding, they let you refuel and treat yourself to our top-tier products without any vehicular acrobatics. Quality is our jam!”

When you saunter into these Shell havens, you’re not just sauntering; you’re striding into a realm of excellence. According to Bamutire, it’s not just about fuels and lubricants – it’s about a symphony of quality that turns every car into a contented purring cat.

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But it wasn’t all fuel and no play at the launch event. Johan Grobbelaar, the Managing Director of Vivo Energy Uganda, stepped into the spotlight with a big grin. “We’re not just pumping fuel; we’re pumping innovation and growth into Uganda’s veins,” he proclaimed. It’s like they’ve invented a fuel that’s also a cheerleader.

Grobbelaar didn’t stop there; he revealed their masterplan to turn every pit stop into a mini-adventure. “Imagine this: you pull in, fuel up, give your car some TLC, enjoy a gastronomic affair, and grab a pair of sunglasses that scream ‘travel guru’ – all from one happy spot!” he exclaimed.

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But it’s not just about making cars and customers happy. Vivo Energy Uganda is practically Santa Claus with paychecks, as Grobbelaar mentioned their expansion shenanigans are brewing up job opportunities left and right. It’s like economic growth with a sprinkle of fuel magic, and who wouldn’t want that?


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