Uganda Baati Honored as “Quality Steel Manufacturer of the Year 2023” at KACITA Awards

uganda baati honored as quality steel manufacturer of the year 2023 at kacita awards
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Uganda Baati, a prominent steel manufacturer, has been distinguished as the “Quality Steel Manufacturer of the Year 2023” at the Annual KACITA Awards Gala-2023, hosted at the Motiv in Bugolobi.

The KACITA awards, designed to acknowledge outstanding achievements in business and government agencies contributing significantly to Uganda’s business landscape, spotlighted Uganda Baati for its exceptional contributions to the steel manufacturing sector.

George Arodi, CEO at Uganda Baati, expressed gratitude for the prestigious recognition, emphasizing the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality steel products. He stated, “At Uganda Baati, we are honored to receive this acknowledgement from KACITA. This accolade reinforces our pledge to produce high-quality steel products and acknowledges the passion and expertise of our entire team.”

Arodi highlighted Uganda Baati’s dedication to continuous innovation and maintaining the highest standards of quality under the theme “Embracing Diversity Amidst Sustainable Trade through Research and Awareness.”

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With a legacy spanning six decades, Uganda Baati’s commitment to excellence has positioned it at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards and redefining possibilities. Arodi noted, “As a beacon of innovation, Uganda Baati has consistently pioneered cutting-edge technologies, revolutionizing the steel landscape and surpassing expectations.”

Prior to this recognition, Uganda Baati had already secured the title of “Best Metallic Products – Roofing Sheets” for the second consecutive year at the esteemed People’s Choice Quality Awards. Arodi highlighted the significance of this achievement, stating that it reaffirms Uganda Baati’s leadership in providing high-quality roofing solutions that cater to the preferences and needs of the Ugandan public. This accomplishment further solidifies the company’s reputation for unparalleled excellence and innovation within the steel industry.

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