Uganda Shilling Exchange Rate – Saturday 13th Jan, 2024

Exchange Rates as of 13th November 2023 for Uganda Shillings
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Country Exchange Rate (UGX)
United Arab Emirates 1034.41
DR Congo 1.38
Tanzania 1.51
N/A 4163.73
United States 3798.85
United Kingdom 4845.36
South Sudan 3.49
Kenya 23.91
South Africa 203.97
Nigeria 4.06
China 529.26
Rwanda 2.91


The exchange rate with the United Arab Emirates stands at 1034.41 Ugandan Shillings (UGX).

Meanwhile, the rate with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) is notably lower at 1.38 UGX.

Tanzania and South Sudan exhibit relatively close exchange rates, with Tanzania at 1.51 UGX and South Sudan at 3.49 UGX.

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The exchange rate with the United States stands at 3798.85 UGX while the United Kingdom and South Africa display higher rates at 4845.36 UGX and 203.97 UGX, respectively, possibly indicating varied economic dynamics and trade relationships.

Kenya, a neighboring East African nation, has an exchange rate of 23.91 UGX. The rate with Nigeria, another prominent African nation, is 4.06 UGX.

The exchange rate with China, a global economic powerhouse, is 529.26 UGX, underscoring the significance of Sino-Ugandan economic relations.

Lastly, Rwanda’s rate is 2.91 UGX.

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