Uganda Waragi Unveils New Lemon and Ginger Flavor

uganda waragi unveils new lemon and ginger flavor
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Uganda Breweries Limited, the creators of Uganda’s popular gin, Uganda Waragi, have introduced a new and exclusive flavor called Uganda Waragi Lemon and Ginger.

This unique edition adds a burst of refreshing taste to the well-loved classic, promising to make unforgettable moments for those who enjoy it.

The Lemon and Ginger flavor is a fresh take on the traditional Uganda Waragi, carefully crafted to bring lively flavors to celebratory moments. It’s designed for all Ugandans to savor, but only for a limited time. The competitively priced limited edition aims to be accessible to a wide range of consumers.

This special flavor will only be available for one year. Uganda Waragi Lemon and Ginger is expected to bring people together, initiate conversations, and create enjoyable moments throughout its availability. On November 9th, Uganda Breweries Limited encouraged everyone to embrace this limited edition and celebrate the uniqueness it adds to their lives.

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