Union Achieves Improved Conditions for Carrefour Workers

Milestone Agreement Enhances Carrefour Employees' Benefits
Milestone Agreement Enhances Carrefour Employees' Benefits
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The Uganda Hotels, Food, Tourism, Supermarkets, and Allied Workers Union has successfully reached its first collective agreement with Majid Al Futtaim Group, the franchisee owner of Carrefour in Uganda. This agreement brings significant improvements to the working conditions and benefits for over 300 employees at the supermarket chain.

In the negotiation process, it was established that Carrefour workers in Uganda will be given priority consideration for all new or vacant positions within the company, based on their qualifications. Furthermore, they will benefit from annual salary reviews and enhanced working conditions.

According to the terms of the agreement, employees will receive Shs200,000 when they take their mandatory 21 days of annual leave and will be entitled to 30 days of paid sick leave. Employment contracts will ensure job security and clearly outline the procedures for addressing disciplinary issues, breaches, and offenses.

Carrefour is also obligated to establish a disciplinary committee, including union representation, to safeguard workers’ rights and ensure fairness in all disciplinary matters. Additionally, the supermarket chain must provide suitable uniforms, protective gear, and insurance coverage for accidents to ensure the health and safety of its workers.

Moses Mauku, the General Secretary of the Uganda Hotels, Food, Tourism, Supermarkets, and Allied Workers Union, emphasized that this collective agreement not only provides job security and improved working conditions but also protects Carrefour workers in Uganda from sexual harassment and discrimination.

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The agreement also introduces a provision for female employees, granting them an additional 30 days of paid maternity leave, extendable upon a doctor’s recommendation. This is in addition to the existing 60 days of mandatory paid maternity leave, with shifts designed to support pregnant and breastfeeding workers.

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