Land Grabbing Attempt Threatens Old Kampala SSS: Former Board Member, Deputy Headmistress Implicated in Bribery Scheme

Emundu, Apolot, Musinguzi, Egesa, and Kamwenzi Identified as Masterminds

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The simmering conflict at Old Kampala SSS has reached a boiling point, with allegations of bribery and land grabbing casting a shadow over the school’s administration. Former board member Emundu, accused of collaborating with Deputy Headmistress Apolot, is suspected of bribing CID headquarters with 15 million shillings to obstruct the appointment of the new board of governors.

Emundu’s resounding defeat in the PTA elections, securing only 3 votes against his competitor Nagadya Josephine’s 120, serves as a testament to his lack of support among parents. His actions suggest a deep-seated animosity towards the school, fueling suspicions of his involvement with land grabbers.

Apolot, boasting of her connections to the ministry of education and mafia groups, is also believed to be a key player in the land-grabbing scheme. Old students and parents have vowed to take decisive action to oust Emundu and Apolot from the school administration, citing their malicious intentions.

The delay in appointing the new board is a deliberate tactic employed by Emundu and Apolot to prevent the exposure of their nefarious plans. Similarly, Egesa, Musinguzi, and Kamwenzi, claiming to be old students, have been using proxies to petition against the newly elected old students’ representative in the ministry of education. Their motive is to obstruct the appointment of the new board, using flimsy excuses to further their agenda.

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The Old Kampala SSS community stands united against these individuals and their malicious intentions to seize the school’s land. The school’s future hangs in the balance, and only the unwavering determination of the school community can safeguard its legacy.

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