Diverse Artists to Perform at Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival

Uganda's Nyege Nyege Festival Announces Artist Line-Up for November Event
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The eighth edition of Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival is scheduled to take place next month, from November 9th to 12th, at the source of the River Nile in Jinja, Eastern Uganda.

Nyege Nyege has shared details about its upcoming edition, including a full line-up featuring artists such as Tash LC, Menzi, De Schuurman, Sarra Wild, DJ Marcelle, and more.

The festival continues to emphasize African dance music and showcases a wide range of electronic artists, including prominent acts from Uganda and Kenya, with Mejja and Trio Mio headlining this year’s event.

Among the performers gracing the main stage this year are Ugandan talents EddyKenzo, Apass, Janzi Band, and Karole Kasita. Additionally, Nyege Nyege celebrates emerging sub-genres like Swahili trap (SHRAP), featuring artists like Boutross.

This year’s line-up boasts artists from various regions, including Tanzania, South Africa, Malawi, Ghana, Algeria, South Sudan, Mauritius, Saint Lucia, and beyond.

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Nyege Nyege described the line-up as a gathering of pioneers, rule breakers, and ground shakers on Instagram, stating, “MEET THIS YEAR’S NYEGE NYEGE LINEUP. You’re not ready for this!”

The festival will feature performances across its nine stages, spread across the source of the River Nile, offering boat trips, water activities, and food experiences within the Nyege Nyege grounds.

In addition to its focus on DIY music culture, Nyege Nyege will offer wellness programs, including yoga and fitness experiences, a theater showcasing the best of African cinema, and the Nyege East African Emporium featuring brands and creatives from the region.

Tickets for the Nyege Nyege Festival are currently available, with prices starting at $120 (£98).

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