DJs Zato and Nimrod Engage in Heated Exchange at Sheebah Vs Cindy Musical Battle

ensions Flare as DJs Zato and Nimrod Spar at Kololo Music Show
PHOTO - NRG - ensions Flare as DJs Zato and Nimrod Spar at Kololo Music Show
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DJs Zato and Nimrod found themselves in a heated verbal confrontation during the musical showdown between Sheebah and Cindy at the Kololo Independence Grounds on September 15, 2023.

In their respective roles, DJ Zato, also known as Zahara Nalumansi, was tasked with overseeing Sheebah’s performances, while DJ Nimrod, whose real name is Nimrod Nabeeta, was responsible for Cindy’s set.

However, at a certain point during the event, their professional roles took a backseat as personal exchanges took center stage.

DJ Zato initiated the exchange with a pointed remark, stating, “You’re so cheap that you cannot even afford some good clothes for this big show.” She went on to suggest that DJ Nimrod’s attire consisted solely of promotional garments provided by companies. She even offered to pay him to exit the stage.

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DJ Nimrod didn’t hold back in his response, remarking, “You’re wearing rented clothes and a rented wig. After the show, you’ll have to wash and iron them, not to mention the fuel expense for returning them. Furthermore, these rented clothes don’t fit you properly, risking a wardrobe malfunction. As for me, I’m wearing clothes from local stores, but they’re my own. So, take it easy on me, as you’re merely a CD player pretending to be a DJ.”

To defuse the escalating situation, Nimrod eventually instructed the sound technicians to mute DJ Zato’s microphone, restoring calm to the performance.

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