Eddy Kenzo Voices Concerns About Unwanted Advances from Female Fans

Eddy Kenzo Voices Concerns About Unwanted Advances from Female Fans
PHOTO - The New Vision
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Renowned musician Eddy Kenzo has recently addressed a recurring issue he faces involving unwanted attention from female admirers during his stage performances.

In a recent discussion on a local radio station, Kenzo shed light on the fact that this issue is not limited to his performances within his home country, but extends to his shows abroad as well.

Kenzo cited a particular disconcerting incident where women have attempted to unzip his pants by reaching for his belt buckle—an example that he finds emblematic of sexual harassment, causing him great discomfort.

This isn’t the first time a musician has spoken out against such behavior. In a similar vein, Chozen Blood, another singer, publicly criticized the trend of sexually harassing artists during their stage appearances. He appealed to partygoers online, urging them to uphold respect for performers.

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“Musicians deserve to be treated with dignity and professionalism. To our dear fans, please recognize and honor our performance space.”

Winnie Nwagi, a prominent singer, has also been in the headlines recently due to her forceful reactions against harassment while on stage.

In a noteworthy incident from June, Nwagi forcefully knocked a phone out of an audience member’s hand after the individual attempted to capture her from an inappropriate angle. Interrupting her own performance, Nwagi vehemently expressed her dissatisfaction, even issuing a veiled threat of physical retaliation if such behavior persisted.

This isn’t the first instance of Nwagi taking such actions. In 2019, she similarly smashed a fan’s phone while on stage for the same reasons.

In May 2021, Vinka, another colleague in the music industry, was captured on video kicking a fan who had crossed boundaries by attempting to touch her inappropriately during a performance in South Sudan.

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