From Cold Nights to Warm Embrace: Ugandan Songstress Nwagi Finds New Love

Winnie Nwagi new lover
PHOTO - The Red Pepper
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Goodbye Cold Nights, Hello Warm Hearts for Nwagi!

Ugandan music sensation Winnie Nakanwagi, fondly known as Nwagi, has bid farewell to chilly nights and cozy nun-like snuggling in her bed. The days of enduring the cold are now history, as Nwagi has embraced a new chapter in her romantic escapades.

The Enigmatic “Lucky Dude” Emerges

For quite some time, speculation had been rife regarding the mysterious gentleman fortunate enough to enjoy the company of the Swangz Avenue crooner. Recent reports that have danced their way to our gossip desk finally unveil the identity of Nwagi’s new flame. The lucky man in question is none other than a rising artist known as Hassan, or the creatively monikered Lord Sanie. Whispers suggest that Nwagi and Lord Sanie have ignited a secretive yet passionate liaison.

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Love in the Air, Money on the Table

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Clocking in nearly four months of companionship, the pair seems to be flourishing. Remarkably, Nwagi has taken it upon herself to oil the wheels of this budding romance. Sources suggest that she’s the financial engine behind their rendezvous, showering Lord Sanie with promises of grandeur as he caters to her heart’s desires.

Public Chemistry and Private Hideaways

In recent weeks, the duo has become a fixture on the city’s social scene. Spotted hand-in-hand at various happening spots, their chemistry has become an open secret. The once-hidden passion between them has now taken center stage, with observers noting the genuine fondness they share.

City Lights, Cozy Nights

Venturing into the city’s nightlife, Nwagi and Lord Sanie have frequented trendy establishments like Molecule, Altareza, and Mezo Noir. These outings have granted them the opportunity to revel in each other’s company and indulge in the pleasures of love. These escapades have transformed the bars into their own melodious love stages.

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Love’s Patronage for Musical Aspirations

Reports suggest that Nwagi has more than love on her mind. She’s also embarked on a musical journey with Lord Sanie, propelling him toward his aspiration of becoming a musician. This mentorship adds another layer to their unique relationship.

A Past in the Shadows

In the backdrop of Nwagi’s recent affairs, her previous link to singer Chosen Blood has now faded into memory. The changing tides of love have washed away the remnants of her past relationships, leaving her heart attuned to new rhythms.

The Baby Daddy’s Silent Story

While Nwagi’s heartstrings find a new tune, her baby daddy, Joshua Rukundo—affectionately known as General Czar’bu—has taken a quieter route. Having tied the knot with Anneliese Harlander, a foreigner, in 2021, he’s gracefully exited the limelight, allowing Nwagi to embrace her own spotlight of love and harmony.

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As the spotlight shifts and love’s melody resonates anew for Nwagi, her journey continues to inspire curiosity and awe among her fans.

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