A Pass Threatens to Block Fans for Business Posts – Self-Righteous Social Media Meltdown

A Pass Unleashes the Block Button on Fans' Shameless Advertising
A Pass Unleashes the Block Button on Fans' Shameless Advertising
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Advertisers are seizing the opportunity to infiltrate platforms with large followings, slyly inserting their ads as comments and replies to trending topics. But all this is about to end, because singer Alexander Bagonza, better known as A Pass, just dropped a bomb on his own fans who dare to use his platform for their business shenanigans.

“Listen up, Ugandans! If you step into my comment section with your off topic promotions, you’re getting the boot. I’m not here to play the numbers game – I’ll trim those followers real quick. I mean, seriously, I post my new song, and you’re out here trying to sell underwear! What’s that about?”

On X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, A Pass struts around with a cool 680,000 followers and a follow count of zero. His tweets often rack up more than a hundred comments, making it a prime hunting ground for fans looking to sneakily plug their businesses.

But it’s not just about advertising grievances. A Pass is also waving the flag for collaboration over battles in the music scene. He’s had enough of the drama that battles stir up, splitting fans into warring factions and brewing hostility.

“I ain’t battling Beenie Gunter or Vyper Ranking, no! I’m all about collaborating with them, and I’ve already done that. That’s the kind of brotherly energy we need. Battles? Nah, they’re just fights that tear apart our loving fanbase, making people take sides and hurl insults. We don’t need that nonsense.

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