Azawi Praises Alien Skin’s Unique Musical Style

Azawi Praises Alien Skin's Unique Musical Style
Azawi Praises Alien Skin's Unique Musical Style
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Singer Azawi has commented on the distinct style of music presented by Alien Skin. During an appearance on a local television station, Azawi shared her perspective on how art has evolved in the music industry. She revealed that, if she had listened to Alien Skin’s music when he first emerged, she might have dismissed it due to its unconventional style.

Azawi emphasized that the evolution of art and music has played a crucial role in Alien Skin’s rise to prominence. She pointed out that his unique vibe has contributed to his success. Despite criticism from some quarters about the perceived shallowness of his lyrical content, Azawi found his songs to be remarkably relatable.

Azawi explained, “If you listen to his lyrics, they are very relatable. He doesn’t make a conscious effort to sound unique; he just sings as it is. Any artist who introduces a new vibe captures my attention. Alien’s ability to endure criticism and still succeed is why I hold him in high regard.”

The singer also touched upon the changing landscape of music consumption in Uganda. She noted that today, achieving musical success no longer requires conforming to established norms and expectations. Ugandans, she pointed out, have developed new tastes and are increasingly drawn to foreign music.

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Azawi’s remarks underscore the importance of embracing diversity and individuality in the ever-evolving music industry.

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