Chaos Erupts at MUBS as Alien Skin Abruptly Leaves Amid Payment Dispute and Sound Issues

police investigate musician alien skin in bajjo incident
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Chaos ensued as Alien Skin found himself at the center of a tumultuous scene, with university students vehemently chasing him away in a disappointing turn of events last night at Makerere University School of Business (MUBS).

The upheaval began when it was revealed that Alien Skin insisted on receiving payment for his balance before gracing the stage, causing a significant delay in the proceedings. The ensuing payment dispute created an air of tension that permeated the atmosphere.

Once the payment issue was eventually resolved, Alien Skin took the stage. However, to the surprise and dismay of the audience, the artist delivered only one song before abruptly declaring his performance concluded. In an unexpected move, he dropped the microphone and hastily exited the venue, leaving a perplexed audience in his wake, ahead of his scheduled performance in Mubende.

University management and students swiftly voiced their displeasure, labeling Alien Skin as indisciplined for his disruptive behavior. The abrupt departure and minimal performance left the audience dissatisfied, turning what was supposed to be an entertaining event at MUBS into a chaotic and disheartening experience.

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Insults were hurled in Alien Skin’s direction, escalating the tension and marring the overall atmosphere of the event. The incident has raised questions about professionalism and artist-audience relations in live performances, prompting discussions on the responsibilities of performers to fulfill their commitments.

As the fallout from the incident unfolds, both Alien Skin and MUBS are likely to face scrutiny and criticism for the untimely disruption of what was meant to be a memorable event for the university community.

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