David Lutalo Prepares for His 12th Concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval

David Lutalo Prepares for His 12th Concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval
David Lutalo Prepares for His 12th Concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval
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David Lutalo, a well-known Ugandan artist, is getting ready for his 12th concert, which will take place this evening at Lugogo Cricket Oval. Over the past 15 years, Lutalo has held 11 successful concerts and is hoping to maintain his track record, despite several other events happening in different places this weekend.

Lutalo’s choice of venue, Cricket Oval, marks a departure from his previous concert at Africana last year. When asked about the shift, Lutalo explained that it depends on the target audience he wants to appeal to at a given time. He aims to accommodate all his fans, including those who prefer outdoor events and those who enjoy indoor settings.

Regarding the change in venue last year, Lutalo clarified that it wasn’t his decision, as a promoter had bought the concert. He emphasized that he organizes his own concerts when he believes he can execute his vision better than a promoter.

Lutalo is confident that his fans will show up for the concert, attributing their support to his music rather than superficial factors. He plans to perform a selection of songs that have performed well on the charts and are loved by his audience.

Lutalo, known for his songs about women, expressed the importance of women in his life and career, highlighting their priority in his work.

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When asked about the difference between this concert and his previous ones, Lutalo mentioned that experience helps him avoid repeating mistakes and allows him to better prepare for each performance.

He also mentioned that he has a catalogue of about 200 songs, and he takes care to write songs that resonate with the public.

The shift from holding concerts in January to September was explained by Lutalo as a response to the changing circumstances brought about by Covid-19. He expressed hope that September might also become a lucky month for his concerts.

Addressing concerns about time management, Lutalo assured fans that more time has been allocated for the show, and he plans to start promptly at 8pm.

Lutalo acknowledged the diversity of live performances among artists and stated that those comfortable performing live would do so, while others might choose to use CDs.

In response to a question about songwriting, Lutalo mentioned that he occasionally collaborates with others, especially for Swahili songs.

Regarding claims by other artists, such as Mesach Semakula, that he is akin to legendary artist Herman Basudde, Lutalo expressed gratitude for the compliment and found inspiration in such comparisons.

Lutalo hopes to be remembered as an artist who took his career seriously and encouraged talented artists to fulfill their potential. He clarified his differences with Pallaso as an attempt to motivate him to fully utilize his talent.

When asked about music battles, Lutalo found them healthy for the industry as long as they remained non-physical.

Finally, a timeline of Lutalo’s past concerts was provided, showcasing his consistent presence in the Ugandan music scene.

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