Deputy Speaker Tayebwa Supports Bebe Cool – Chameleon Music Battle

Deputy Speaker Tayebwa roots for Bebe Cool Chameleon battle
Deputy Speaker Tayebwa roots for Bebe Cool Chameleon battle
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Ugandans are known for making a big deal out of things, and this time it’s music battles that are taking the spotlight.

After the much-talked-about Sheebah vs. Cindy battle on September 15 in Kololo, several suggestions for more music battles have surfaced. Some of these suggestions have come across as disrespectful to certain musicians.

The latest proposal for a music battle is between Jose Chameleon and Bebe Cool, and it’s being supported by Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa. Tayebwa, who attended the Sheebah vs. Cindy battle with his wife, expressed his interest in a live performance battle between Bebe Cool and Chameleon on his social media page on Sunday, September 24. He attached a photo of the two musicians and stated, “I am looking forward to a live performance battle between these two giants of Uganda’s music industry. Anyone who can organize it has my full support.”

It appears that Deputy Speaker Tayebwa may be willing to provide financial support for the two music heavyweights to benefit from the battle.

Bebe Cool has previous experience with music battles, having engaged in a memorable battle with Bobi Wine in 2012, which is still considered one of the biggest battles in this generation of music. In 2013, Bebe Cool faced off against the Good Life duo, Radio and Weasel, at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. These encounters often led to intense feuds and even bar brawls between Bebe Cool and his opponents.

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However, when it comes to Chameleon, there appears to be a friendly relationship rather than a heated rivalry, which might not make for a confrontational battle.

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