Fally Ipupa Delivers Outstanding Performance in Arua and Prepares for Kampala Show

Congolese Star Fally Ipupa Thrills Kampala Audience
Congolese Star Fally Ipupa Thrills Kampala Audience
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Congolesse artist Fally Ipupa has successfully performed in Arua, Uganda, after a previous cancellation four years ago. Malembe lifestyle, with support from I&M Bank, organized two shows for him this year: one in Arua and another at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala.

Previously, promoters Yannick Nseka Mbala and Jonathan Tabani Buta, represented by Kabega, Bogezi, and Bukenya Advocates, accused Fally Ipupa of taking their money for concerts that never happened four years ago, causing them significant losses. They called for his arrest upon entering Uganda.

Fally Ipupa arrived in Uganda last Thursday and delivered an unforgettable performance in Arua on Friday evening, living up to the high expectations. The city was buzzing with anticipation, and the Greenlight Stadium, home to Onduparaka FC, was bustling with activity as fans gathered for the event.

Inside the stadium, various vendors sold food, key holders, T-shirts, and more. West Nile artists opened the night, with hosts Simon Living and Danico warming up the crowd. Local talents such as Endy Joe, Dukuluduku, King Boy, General Satty, Monopoly the Bad Character, Dwayne Gabana, and Lucky Dee had their moments to shine. JM Kennedy, the most popular artist in West Nile, concluded the opening acts with an energetic performance, setting the stage for Fally Ipupa.

At 10 pm, the stadium plunged into darkness, and the stage lit up as Fally Ipupa’s backline took their positions. The sight of the artist on the colossal stage immediately captivated the audience. Clad in a black jacket, sunglasses, and black pants, he kicked off the show with his hit “I Miss You Baby.” Known for his graceful dance moves, he showcased his skills, mesmerizing the crowd. He continued to impress with songs like “Mayday,” “Bafana,” “Alliance,” “Roi Manitou,” “Se Yo,” and “Anissa,” with many in the audience singing along.

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Fally Ipupa’s performance lasted for two hours, and the energy in the crowd was electrifying. His band and dancers displayed flawless chemistry with the artist, making it a joy to watch. By the end of the night, Fally Ipupa had left Arua fans thrilled and was gearing up for his upcoming performance at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala.

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