Government Support for Ugandan Musicians Scrutinized in Parliamentary Session

Uganda National Musicians Federation, which is headquartered at the Serene Suites Hotel in Mutundwe, Kampala
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Hon. Fortunate Nantongo brought attention to crucial issues surrounding the government’s support for artists associated with the Uganda National Musicians Federation, headquartered at the Serene Suites Hotel in Mutundwe, Kampala in a recent session of a special Parliamentary Committee,

Hon. Nantongo specifically sought clarification on how the government is addressing the accommodation and sustenance needs of artists within the federation. The inquiries aimed to ensure fairness and equity in the treatment of musicians under the umbrella of the Uganda National Musicians Federation.

Beyond housing and feeding concerns, Hon. Nantongo also questioned the government’s apparent lack of a clear plan for establishing regional music recording studios across the country. The absence of a transparent strategy for this significant initiative has raised eyebrows and triggered further scrutiny from the parliamentarian.

Underlining the importance of a well-thought-out plan, Hon. Nantongo stressed that her queries stemmed from a genuine desire for fairness and equity, advocating for the welfare of artists and the sustainable development of the Ugandan music industry.

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Led by accomplished Ugandan artist Eddy Kenzo, a multi-international award-winning singer, the Uganda National Musicians Federation prioritizes collaboration and growth. The federation aims to create new opportunities for musicians and various stakeholders within the Ugandan music scene.

Approaching its one-year mark, the musicians’ federation program based in Mutundwe has encountered challenges, drawing criticism.

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