Jaguar’s Transition: Musician to MP and Back

jaguars transition musician to mp and back
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In 2017, Kenyan singer Charles Njagua Kanyi, popularly known as Jaguar, made a bold shift in his career by entering the world of politics. He was elected to serve the constituency of Starehe, but after losing his parliamentary seat to Amos Mwago in the 2022 elections, he returned to the music scene. Now, Jaguar has expressed his regret over leaving music for politics and is encouraging young Kenyan artists to prioritize music as a more lucrative career choice.

Jaguar, famous for hits like “Kigeugeu,” shared his perspective on the financial aspects of his dual careers. He openly stated that the money he earned as a musician far exceeded what he made as a Member of Parliament (MP). This revelation came as a response to claims made by Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones’ brother, KOB Lamaz, who accused artists of misleading the public about their primary source of wealth.

Jaguar’s journey illustrates the complex relationship between the music industry and politics. Despite his political role as an MP, he found music to be a more financially rewarding and prosperous venture. After his electoral defeat in 2022, he rekindled his passion for music, tantalizing his fans with a collaboration alongside Ugandan singer Ambassador titled “Nitume.”

The multi-faceted artist, Jaguar, had further plans in his political career, as he was nominated by Kenyan President William Ruto for the position of Cabinet Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Arts, and Sports.

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Jaguar’s experiences serve as a reminder that individuals often navigate their careers through various roles, and sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. In his case, the realm of music proved more financially satisfying than a seat in parliament, prompting a return to his roots in the Kenyan music industry. His story encourages aspiring artists to weigh their career choices carefully, considering not only their passion but also the financial aspects of their chosen path.

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