Luga Flow Artist GNL Zamba’s Song Nominated for Grammy Consideration

GNL's Song 'Hustle And Motivate' Under Consideration for Grammy Awards
GNL's Song 'Hustle And Motivate' Under Consideration for Grammy Awards
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In June, GNL Zamba, a Luga Flow rapper, and his wife Miriam Tamar were invited to join the Grammys member class of 2023. This invitation allows them to take part in the process of selecting Grammy nominees and winners.

GNL Zamba recently announced that his song “Hustle And Motivate,” released this year, is currently under consideration by the Recording Academy for a potential Grammy nomination.

On Instagram, GNL expressed his excitement: “Grammy consideration! Dear Forest, well-wishers, and natives of Zambaland, I’m honored and thrilled to share that our song ‘Hustle And Motivate’ is in the running for Grammy Consideration by the Recording Academy! This track is all about resilience, the relentless pursuit of impactful success, discovery of purpose, and the spark of creative entrepreneurship in storytelling. Let’s keep the hustle and dream alive!”

This news comes shortly after it was revealed that singer Eddy Kenzo’s latest 19-track album, “Blessings,” is also being considered for a Grammy nomination. Last year, GNL Zamba received a Grammy nomination in the Best Global Music Performance category alongside Matt B for their song “Gimme Love.”

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