MasterCard Foundation and World Bank to Empower Ugandan Artists

mastercard foundation and world bank to empower ugandan artists
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The government of Uganda is reaching out to the World Bank for financial assistance to train and equip local artists with the technical skills required to meet global standards. Peace Mutuuzo, the Minister of State for Gender and Culture Affairs, shared that the government has finalized plans to skill creative artists through the MasterCard Foundation, supported by the World Bank’s Growth Opportunities and Productivity for Women Enterprises (GROW) Project.

Mutuuzo emphasized the need for workforce training in the creative sector, stating that while talent is abundant, there is a shortage of technical skills. She informed Parliament that efforts have already begun to bridge this skills gap among creatives.

In addition to the training initiative, the government aims to establish a fund dedicated to supporting the creative industry, which has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As a government, we are planning to create a fund specifically designed to support creative artists due to the unique nature of their business. We also intend to attract financial products and partners to support the financing of the creative industry in Uganda,” Mutuuzo explained.

Uganda’s creative industry encompasses music, film, fashion, visual arts, crafts, and performing arts. According to the Uganda National Cultural Center, this sector contributes approximately Shs 7.5 billion to the country’s gross domestic product and employs over 150,000 people.

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