Ugandan Artist Evelyn Lagu Succumbs to Health Struggles

Ugandan Artist Evelyn Lagu Succumbs to Health Struggles
Ugandan Artist Evelyn Lagu Succumbs to Health Struggles
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Ugandan musician Evelyn Lagu, known for her contributions to the country’s music and film industry, has passed away. The artist had been contending with health complications stemming from kidney failure for an extended period.

Evelyn Lagu’s demise was confirmed by her family and prominent figures within the music industry on Monday. Eddy Kenzo, President of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), expressed his condolences on social media, saying, “You have fought a big battle, my sister. May your soul rest in peace.”

According to a family source, the singer passed away in the early hours of Monday at her residence.

Lagu had been battling kidney issues for several years and had sought medical treatment, including a trip to Turkey in June 2021 for a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, due to her deteriorating health condition at the time, medical professionals advised against the procedure. She had been relying on dialysis treatments since then.

At the time of her passing, Evelyn Lagu was in the process of organizing a charity concert titled “Evelyn Love Live in Charity Concert,” scheduled for October 28, 2023.

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Born in Kalungu, Masaka, on June 1, 1982, Evelyn Lagu pursued her education at various institutions, including Aga Khan, Mityana SS, Pride SS Mityana, and St. Peter’s SS Busubizi, where she completed her A’level. She gained recognition as one of the most talented singers and actresses in the local entertainment scene.

In 2022, she had planned to stage the “An Evening with Evelyn Dinner Concert” at the Muganzi Lwazza Rooftop building in Katwe, but the event was canceled by the police.

Upon receiving the news, Evelyn Lagu collapsed and was rushed to a nearby hospital on a boda-boda, raising questions among her fans about the availability of immediate transportation during the press conference.

Evelyn Lagu had intended to use the proceeds from her charity concert to cover her medical expenses and assist other patients grappling with similar health challenges.

It’s worth noting that Evelyn Lagu had been dealing with health issues, including kidney and heart complications, for the past four years.

About Evelyn Lagu:

Evelyn Lagu, born Evelyn Nakabira in Kalungu, Masaka, on June 1, 1982, faced the loss of both her parents during her childhood. Raised by her aunt, who worked as a midwife, and her late husband, George William Lubega, she pursued a career as both a singer and a movie actress.

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