Alarming Rise in HIV Infections Leaves Mbarara District in State of Fear

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A wave of alarm has swept through Mbarara District as reports reveal a startling surge in new HIV infections over the past three years. The district has seen a staggering 1,789 new cases, earning it the dubious distinction of having the country’s second-highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rate.

Chris Nahabwe, the HIV/AIDS focal person for Mbarara district, highlighted that most of these new infections have been identified in teenage females and older men, intensifying worries among local residents and leaders.

Recent data released by the Uganda AIDS Commission unveils Mbarara district’s position as second only to Fort Portal City nationwide in terms of HIV/AIDS prevalence. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the district’s leadership.

Nahabwe Chris, the Mbarara district HIV focal person, revealed that this year alone has seen a worrying addition of 440 new HIV infections. The majority of these cases are affecting young females and older men, sparking grave concerns in the community.

Despite initiatives like the Presidential Fast Track Initiative aiming to end AIDS by 2030, Uganda has witnessed over 52,000 new HIV infections this year, according to statistics from the Uganda AIDS Commission.

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A recent study conducted by the Makerere University School of Public Health exposed a disconcerting trend: a significant number of sexually active students are unaware of crucial HIV prevention methods. This lack of awareness is believed to be a major factor contributing to the surge in new HIV infections.

Healthcare professionals are advocating for extensive awareness campaigns targeted at at-risk, sexually active segments of the population. Their plea emphasizes the importance of prevention education and self-testing in curbing the rising HIV infection rates.

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