Crisis at Wakiso Health Center IV as Doctor Allegedly Flees with Ultrasound Keys

Inconsistencies in CT Scan Charges Raise Concerns in Uganda's Health System
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Allegations of Mismanagement and Locking of Equipment Worsen Crisis at Wakiso Health Center IV

Wakiso Health Centre IV is facing a crisis after the officer-in-charge, Dr. Dickson Lukanga, who was interdicted in September, allegedly locked the ultrasound scan in a room and refused to hand over the office. The interdiction came from Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Alfred Malinga on September 7, citing allegations of absenteeism and poor service delivery leading to unnecessary referrals to Kawempe National Referral Hospital.

According to Mr. Malinga, Dr. Lukanga, upon interdiction, refused to hand over the office and was accused of taking the ultrasound scan keys, rendering the essential machine unusable. The CAO also claimed Dr. Lukanga ran away with audit files and locked his office.

Mr. Malinga expressed his frustration, stating, “I have already written to the District Police Commander of Wakiso to arrest him and bring him to this health facility so he hands over forcefully.” He characterized Dr. Lukanga as undisciplined and accused him of mismanagement of funds.

Dr. Lukanga, however, denied all allegations, calling them baseless and malicious. He questioned the logic of locking a government-owned scan, emphasizing that he had been away for two months.

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This situation follows a whistleblower’s letter circulating on social media on November 6, claiming that four mothers died in three weeks at Wakiso Health Centre IV, attributing it to Mr. Malinga’s interdiction of the medical officer.

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Olivia Betta
Olivia Betta
19 days ago

Dr Lukanga is a good person , I don’t believe whatever they’re accusing him. At least he has ever treated me ,he was so caring and friendly. I know him to be a very professional doctor .