Denmark Pledges Support for Ugandan Water and Hygiene Programmes

denmark pledges support for ugandan water and hygiene programmes
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  • Danish Ambassador Commits to Advancing Ugandan Water and Hygiene Initiatives
  • Innovations for Water and Hygiene

As the world grapples with the consequences of climate change on water, sanitation, and hygiene services, the need for assistance to foster innovative solutions in these sectors becomes increasingly crucial. The impacts of climate change, including flooding and rising lake levels, pose significant challenges by contaminating land and water resources, as well as damaging vital infrastructure such as water points, wells, toilets, and wastewater treatment facilities.

Danish Ambassador to Uganda, Signe Winding Albjerg, recognized these challenges and made a commitment to support the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector in Uganda. She emphasized the importance of private sector engagement to expedite investment readiness for innovative enterprises and solutions. The goal is to attract investors to become part of the WASH ecosystem and form partnerships. This support aims to ensure the sustainability of innovative solutions and strengthen climate resilience in the sector.

The Ambassador expressed the need for catalytic investments that would make the most of available resources to drive change and enable entrepreneurs to reap the benefits of their solutions. The Danish Embassy affirmed its dedication to supporting WASH innovations, emphasizing that this support is vital for addressing the ongoing challenges in the water and sanitation sector.

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This commitment was announced during a two-day event organized by the Water and Sanitation Entrepreneurs Association (WASEU) and Quercus Group. The event aimed to accelerate the financing of climate-smart WASH solutions and provide a platform for stakeholders to share knowledge and best practices within the WASH sector.

The Innovate for WASH Kampala Conference 2023 brought together over 150 innovators, entrepreneurs, and financiers from the WASH sector across East Africa. The initiative began in Kenya with the objective of promoting sustainable innovations within the sector.

During the conference, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present their solutions to potential financiers from around the world. Additionally, focused group discussions highlighted the challenges faced by the sector and explored potential strategies for advancing climate resilience in water and urban water and sanitation supply.

Gerald Twesige, the branch manager of AKvo International, made an appeal to the government to explore various financing models that address the complexities of the WASH sector, especially concerning extending services to rural communities. He also urged financial institutions, including the African Development Bank (ADB), to create specialized financial packages for those interested in investing in the WASH sector, emphasizing the importance of innovative financial inclusion.

Twesige highlighted the link between increasing global temperatures and rising water evaporation rates, which are expected to lead to higher atmospheric water vapor levels and more frequent, heavy, and intense rainfall in the years to come. Climate scientists predict that this shift will result in increased flooding due to the inability of vegetation and soil to absorb the excess water. This further underscores the urgency of addressing climate-smart solutions in the WASH sector.

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