Evelyn Anite Sets the Record Straight on Ambulance Controversy

Public Outcry as Minister Anite Evelyn Takes Back Donated Ambulance Post Election Loss
Minister Evelyn Anite clarified the circumstances surrounding the retrieval of the ambulance and the challenges she faced after losing her MP seat. Her decision was based on financial constraints and the need to avoid wasting the ambulance. The interview aimed to provide insight into the situation and address the ongoing controversy surrounding the ambulance's retrieval.
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  • Exclusive Interview

In a recent interview, Minister of State for Uganda in charge of Privatisation and Investments, Evelyn Anite, explained her decision to take back an ambulance she had donated to the Koboko Municipality community in 2021. Anite shared her side of the story, shedding light on her relationship with the Koboko Municipality and why the ambulance was retrieved.

The interview revealed that Minister Anite had originally donated the ambulance to the community as a goodwill gesture during her time as the MP for Koboko Municipality. She had gone above and beyond her role as an MP by supporting various community projects, including building churches, sponsoring education, and improving healthcare facilities. Anite had also pledged to provide the community with additional ambulances if re-elected.

However, after facing opposition, violence, and ultimately losing her bid for re-election, Minister Anite decided to retrieve the ambulance. She had initially handed it over to the Koboko Municipality Mayor, but due to budget constraints, the ambulance could not be maintained beyond three months. Concerned that the ambulance might go to waste, Anite took it back and sold it to support her personal activities as a private citizen.

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Anite clarified that her decision was a result of the loss of her revenue stream as an MP and the inability to continue offering free ambulance services. She emphasized that politics is like a business and requires capital investment, and without the means to sustain the ambulance’s operation, she had no choice but to retrieve it.

The absence of her ambulance services has impacted Koboko, where there is no hospital, only a Health Center 4 and a mission facility. Referral cases to larger facilities require significant expenses that many residents cannot afford. Anite’s ambulance had provided a crucial lifeline for the community in accessing medical care.

The controversy surrounding the retrieval of the ambulance resurfaced after a Nigerian Twitter platform with over 1 million followers featured the story, leading to global attention and debate. Minister Anite emphasized that the ambulance donation had been conditional on her continued occupation of the MP office, and the conditions had not been met.


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