Gulu Health Centre Stuck With Unused Mosquito Nets

gulu health centre stuck with unused mosquito nets
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Residents of Lugore Health Center II in Lugore village, Kiteny parish, Owalo sub-county in Gulu district express dissatisfaction with the facility’s delay in distributing 5,000 mosquito nets meant for the community. These nets remain unused in the health unit, prompting concerns among the locals.

While some reports suggest that the mosquito nets are intended exclusively for individuals living with HIV and AIDS, this information has not been officially confirmed.

Jacqueline Grace Olanya, the health center’s in-charge, declined to provide a statement, citing adherence to public service standing orders that restrict her from speaking to the media.

During a recent meeting, Augustine Acire, the chairperson of the health management committee (HMC) and a support staff member at the health center, raised concerns about the delay in net distribution. Health officials responded by assuring that the mosquito nets would be distributed to the intended beneficiaries.

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The delay in distribution has left beneficiaries frustrated. Alex Opiyo, a resident of Lugore village, expressed sadness over the extended wait for the nets. Jennifer Acan, residing in Paibeno Village, revealed that she shares a single mosquito net with her children and hopes that the distribution will resolve this challenge.

Gulu district health officer (DHO), Dr. Kenneth Cana, has announced plans to address the issue. The 50 bales of mosquito nets were donated by The Aids Support Organisation (TASO) Gulu regional office, with the aim of providing additional support to communities, particularly those affected by HIV/AIDS. These nets will be allocated to persons living with HIV and AIDS, expectant mothers, and other individuals considered crucial recipients.

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