Hospital Sued for Using Infant as Collateral Over Unpaid Fees

Hospital Sued for Using Infant as Collateral Over Unpaid Fees Uganda
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Newborn Held Hostage: Hospital’s Shocking Baby Bill Detention Sparks Outrage

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, a hospital finds itself in hot water as it faces legal action for allegedly holding a precious newborn baby captive, all because of a medical bill gone wild! The drama unfolds at RoseWell Women and Children Hospital Ltd, where a tiny bundle of joy has become the center of a scandalous standoff.

What’s the scoop? The parents of the adorable nugget, Bridgers Alinda Mugenyi and Salome Aturinde, are stepping into the ring with the hospital, demanding the immediate liberation of their infant. The reason? A hefty medical bill to the tune of Shs4 million (that’s quite a few zeroes) hasn’t been cleared. Talk about playing hardball, or in this case, hard-baby!

In a lawsuit that’s sending shockwaves through the city, Mugenyi and Aturinde are shouting from the legal rooftops that this newborn nightmare has gone too far. They’re accusing the hospital of treating their tiny treasure like a pawn in a twisted game of money-chasing.

In the heart-pounding legal documents filed at the High Court Civil Division in Kampala, the parents are crying foul. They’re demanding the court to wave its wand and declare that the hospital’s actions are nothing short of inhumane, cruel, and degrading.

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And here’s the plot twist: the hospital’s sinister threats of shipping the baby off to Sanyu babies home have transformed this story into a full-blown soap opera. The parents are having none of it, labeling this move as beyond heartless and degrading. They’re not just seeking freedom for their bundle of joy; they’re also hunting down justice for themselves, claiming their privacy rights have been trampled upon.

Let’s dive into the tale of how this infant imprisonment began.The baby’s parents trotted into the hospital on May 7, 2023, with dreams of a new life with their baby in tow. But guess what? Reality hit them hard, like a plot twist in a suspense novel. After a cesarean birth recommendation, Mama Bear spent four long days in the hospital.

Fast forward to May 11, and the plot thickens. The hospital drops not one, but two bombshell bills on Mama Bear’s lap. One bill was paid, one was pending. But wait for it—the pending bill kept growing, mirroring the tension in this high-stakes standoff. The parents claim they were ready to face the music and pay up, but the hospital apparently had other plans.

In an unprecedented move, the hospital nabbed Mama Bear’s identity card and the baby’s future ID too! This twist left the parents fuming, as they accused the hospital of trespassing on their property rights. It’s like a real-life soap opera that nobody asked for!

Now, the court has thrown down the gauntlet. It’s given RoseWell Women and Children Hospital Ltd a tight 15-day deadline to spill the beans and reveal their side of this bewildering baby saga. The courtroom showdown is set, and who knows how this sensational story will end?

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