Incomplete Health Center Leaves Amolatar Locals Without Adequate Healthcare

incomplete health center leaves amolatar locals without adequate healthcare
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Progress and Impact on Nakatiti Health Centre III Project

Date Milestone Details
2018/2019 Allocation of Funds The Ministry of Health allocates Shs500 million for Nakatiti Health Centre III under the UgIFT program.
2018 Contract Awarded to Otada Construction Co. Ltd The project was awarded to Otada Construction Co. Ltd, commencing construction in the same year.
Ongoing Construction Stalls After roofing the building, the contractor abandons the site, leaving the project incomplete.
Investigation State House Anti-Corruption Unit Inquiry The case is under investigation, following concerns of the contractor’s failure to complete the work.
Ongoing Additional Funding Requested for Completion Amolatar administration requests more funding to complete the health facility, receiving Shs120 million.
Ongoing Re-advertisement of Tender Due to budget constraints, the tender is re-advertised with hopes of securing a new contractor.


Amolatar Residents Left in the Lurch

More than 16,000 residents in Muntu Sub-county, Amolatar District, are grappling with limited access to healthcare as the upgrade of Nakatiti Health Centre II to Health Centre III remains incomplete. The government allocated Shs500 million for this project in the 2018/2019 fiscal year under the Uganda Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer (UgIFT) program. However, after the roofing was done, the contractor, Otada Construction Co. Ltd, abandoned the site, leaving the health facility in limbo.

Local leaders and officials expressed their concerns over the stalled project, highlighting the pressing need for better healthcare access. The district chairman appealed to the government for additional funding to complete the center, receiving Shs120 million in the current fiscal year. Unfortunately, the tender for the project faced challenges due to budget constraints, with only one bidder responding, quoting an amount exceeding the allocated funds.

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The construction delay has a direct impact on the local community, with Nakatiti Health Centre currently serving as a crucial but inadequate healthcare hub. The incomplete facility struggles to meet the demands of the 16,000 residents relying on it, leading to overcrowding and compromised services.

Despite the incomplete structure, the health center provides essential services, including maternal and child health, outpatient care, and postnatal admissions. The limited space affects both patients and staff, making it difficult for the health center to deliver the level of care required for the local population.

Local leaders are eager for the project to resume and conclude successfully, improving healthcare access in the area. The investigation into the stalled project by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit aims to address concerns about the allocation and use of funds, ensuring that the community can benefit from a fully functional health facility.

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