Kiruhura Implements Night Patrols in FMD Fight

kiruhura implements night patrols in fmd fight
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Kiruhura district authorities have introduced stringent measures, including nightly patrols in response to the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak.

Kiruhura is one of 36 districts affected by FMD outbreaks across the country, with others in the Ankole region also impacted.

During an FMD task force meeting chaired by Resident District Commissioner George Bakunda at the district headquarters on Thursday, February 8, 2024, Kiruhura district chairperson Dan Mukago reported that certain areas within the district, including Kashongi and Kutura sub-counties, are under total quarantine due to FMD cases.

Bakunda praised the government’s decisive action in providing clear guidance to tackle the disease and emphasized the importance of unity among residents and leaders in adhering to the prescribed restrictions.

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Nightly patrols will be conducted, and loading sites in the district will be closed, with a ban on animal movement by foot. Additionally, all animal markets will remain shut until the district is declared free of FMD.

District officials encouraged local leaders and extension workers to support the enforcement of quarantine measures, while also lauding the cost-sharing initiative aimed at facilitating farmers’ access to vaccines.

There is optimism among farmers that concerted efforts will lead to the eradication of the disease within a month, with calls for continued cooperation in the fight against FMD.

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