Lango Paramount Chief Undergoes Treatment at Mulago Hospital

lango paramount chief undergoes treatment at mulago hospital
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The Won Nyaci (paramount chief) of Lango, Yosam Odur Ebii, is currently receiving treatment at Mulago National Specialized Hospital after being transferred there on Monday.

The 94-year-old cultural leader was initially admitted to Lira University Teaching Hospital last week after falling ill. Jacob Ocen, the information minister of Lango Cultural Foundation, attributed the chief’s illness to fatigue, likely stemming from his busy schedule the previous week.

Ocen explained that the paramount chief had attended the requiem mass for the late Dokolo Woman MP Cecilia Barbra Atim Ogwal in Lira city and subsequently traveled to Otuke to officiate the enthronement of the Awitong (clan chief) of Ngura Puc Richard Enen Okello, which marked his last public appearance before falling ill.

Won Nyaci was transferred to Mulago on Tuesday morning, where medical professionals immediately began treating him. Mike Odur, the chief’s grandson, reassured that his grandfather’s condition was stable and out of danger, though citing the uncertainties of old age as a factor in his illness.

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The paramount chief had previously announced his intention to step down in November, following an earlier announcement in December last year. Despite facing challenges and attempts to depose him since his installation in 2005, Odur has remained in his position as the Won Nyaci of Lango.

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