LEM Mindfulness Kyambogo students asked to keep hope alive

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Kyambogo University students have been asked to keep hope and remain optimistic about the future, even though it may seem bleak or futile.

In his new academic year message, Ramathan Musinguzi, the Publicity Secretary and Media Personality at LEM Mental Health Association of Kyambogo University (2023/2024) said life at the university brings about more challenges ranging from academic, financial and social challenge likely to affect students in their studies. He urged them to be courageous, determined and embrace each obstacle as a stepping stone towards their personal and professional development.

“In the face of challenges, remember that you posses the strength and resilience to overcome them,” said Musinguzi

“Believe in yourself and your abilities and remember that setbacks are temporary. With determination, preservarence and a positive mindset, you can conquer any hurdle that comes your way,” he added.

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Furthermore, Musinguzi implored the students fraternity at Kyambogo University to effectively and efficiently utilize the presence of LEM Mindfulness Kyambogo University Association for their Mental Health support.

“LEM Mindfulness is an available resource for mindfulness practices, stress management techniques and emotional support. Engage actively with your peers and mentors and together you can create an environment that fosters growth, understanding and collaboration,” said Musinguzi.

LEM Mental Health Association of Kyambogo is a students led association under LEM Mindfulness, a social enterprise that offers guidance and counseling on mental health challenges to university students and other beneficiaries.

Musinguzi for a mental wellbeing, students should regularly practice mindfulness techniques, prioritize self-care, acknowledge and celebrate their small and big achievements to be better equipped to handle the demands of life and studies.

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Ramathan Musinguzi, Publicity Secretary and Media Personality at LEM Mental Health Association of Kyambogo University

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