Long COVID Emerges as Ongoing Health Issue in Uganda

Health Experts Raise Concerns About Long COVID in Uganda
PHOTO - WHO Nigeria - Health Experts Raise Concerns About Long COVID in Uganda
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As the world deals with the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts at Makerere University Lung Institute are worried about the appearance of long COVID cases in Uganda. Long COVID is when people who’ve recovered from COVID-19 still have symptoms. It’s a problem in many places, including Uganda.

While the world is slowly getting better after COVID-19, Uganda is seeing a new problem. It’s called “long COVID,” and it’s affecting more and more people.

Experts at Makerere University Lung Institute say they see long COVID cases every day. This means we need to pay attention and learn more about it.

Dr. Ivan Kimuli, who works at the institute, says these cases are in people who had COVID-19 before. These people still feel sick even after they’ve recovered. They have symptoms like tiredness, trouble breathing, chest pain, and problems with thinking.

Long COVID means you keep feeling sick for weeks or months after getting better from COVID-19. Experts say it can hurt different parts of your body, like your lungs.

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Experts want everyone to think about their lungs. They say eating well and exercising regularly can help your lungs and your overall health. These choices can help you get better after COVID-19 and stop long COVID.

Uganda is now joining the world in Lung Health Day. It’s not just about COVID-19. It’s also about what happens later. Lung Health Day reminds us to take care of our lungs, especially when we have breathing problems like COVID-19 or asthma.

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